Crime Victim Compensation (CVC) is a victim service program that is governed by Colorado law. Not all crime victims or crime related losses are eligible for reimbursement or payment. The CVC statute, C.R.S. 24-4.1-101 et seq., limits the types of crimes and losses that are eligible for financial assistance.

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The Victim Compensation program is fully funded through fines collected from adults and juveniles who have been convicted of crimes, including traffic offenses.  Awards to victims are made by the Crime Victim Compensation Board of the District, whose three members are volunteer citizens appointed by the District Attorney.  Each judicial district has a separate CVC program. Each program is different and helps individuals that were victimized inside of their jurisdiction. This CVC program serves the Eighteenth Judicial District, Arapahoe, Douglas, Elbert and Lincoln Counties.

If you or a loved one has been victimized by a violent crime, the Victim Compensation Program may be able to help. While no amount of money can ease the trauma of a violent crime, Victim Compensation can help relieve the resulting financial burden on victims and their families.

Who qualifies

  • Victims of violent crimes
  • Relatives and family members of primary victims
  • Relatives and family members of deceased victims
  • Persons who are authorized to act on behalf of the victims

Losses that may be compensable

  • Reasonable medical and hospital expenses
  • Mental health expenses
  • Replacement or repair of dentures, hearing aids, eyeglasses and other medically necessary devices
  • Exterior Residential doors, locks, or windows that were damaged during the commission of a crime
  • Re-keying of vehicles
  • Loss of earnings not covered by sick time, vacation time, or PTO
  • Loss of household support (eligibility restrictions apply) – NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR CRIMES THAT OCCURED ON OR AFTER 1/1/18.
  • Crime Scene Clean Up
  • Funeral expenses
  • Travel expenses for secondary victims to attend the funeral – AVAILABLE FOR CRIMES THAT OCCURED ON OR AFTER 1/1/22.
  • Loss of support to dependents (due to victim’s death only)

Losses that are not compensable

  • Repair of motor vehicles
  • Personal property loss and damage
  • Rent and other personal bills
  • Moving expenses
  • Loss of money
  • Pain and suffering


* The Crime Victim Compensation Board may waive some of the requirements for good cause or in the interest of justice.*
1.  The victim sustained mental injury, physical injury, death or damage to exterior residential doors, locks or windows as the result of a compensable crime.
2.  The victim fully cooperated with law enforcement officials (law enforcement, district attorney, etc.).
3.  The crime was reported to a law enforcement agency within 72 hours.
4.  The injury or death of the victim was not the result of the victim’s own wrongdoing or substantial provocation.
5.  The victimization occurred on, or after July 1, 1982.
6.  The application was submitted within one year from the date of the crime, or, within six months for residential property
damage to exterior doors, locks, or windows.
7.  The crime occurred in Arapahoe, Douglas, Elbert or Lincoln County, or, the victim is a resident of the 18th Judicial
District but the crime occurred in a state or country that does not have a CVC program.


1.  There does not need to be an arrest or charges filed for a victim to be eligible for compensation.
2.  Compensation may be requested for medical expenses, mental health therapy, medically necessary devices (dentures, eye-glasses, hearing aids, prostheses), loss of income due to injury, home health services, funeral expenses, exterior residential doors/locks/windows, loss of support to dependents in the event of death and loss of household support (eligibility restrictions do apply). Requests must be directly related to the crime reported to law enforcement.
3.  Compensation for property damage may be awarded for the cost of replacement or repair to exterior residential doors/locks/windows that are damaged during the commission of a crime. Compensation may also be awarded for rekeying of vehicles.
4.  By law, you must utilize all other sources of financial assistance or reimbursement, including private insurance, Medicaid and Medicare.
5.  Please attach bills, receipts and estimates directly related to the crime. You may submit your application if you have not received an invoice or bill yet, but please forward bills as you receive them.
6.  Your claim will be verified and presented to the CVC Board. This process can take 30-60 days after we have received and verified your losses.
7.  Compensation may not exceed the statutory limit of $30,000. Compensation for individual categories is limited by Board policy. Please call 720-874-8787 for specific category limits.
8.  Should your request be denied, you have the right to request reconsideration of the Board’s decision. You will be notified by mail of the reason for the denial and we will inform you of your right to submit new and/or additional information. This information must address the reason(s) for the Board’s denial. You may request reconsideration by contacting the CVC program within 90 days from the date that you received the denial letter. If the Board denies reconsideration, you may have the Board’s decision reviewed in accordance with the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure.
9.  Please note: Victim Compensation cannot compensate for property loss or damage, rent or other personal bills, loss of cash, pain and suffering, and repair to vehicles.


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Lost Wages Request Form

Notice of Subrogation (Traffic Cases Only)

Contact Information

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