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Being victimized and going through the court system can be difficult and confusing.  Trained Victim Witness Specialists can give you support, information and referrals.

The Office of the District Attorney provides a Victim Witness Unit for your benefit.  This program is staffed by people who care about you and your involvement in the criminal justice system.  Their goal is to help lessen the impact of being a victim of a crime or a witness to a crime.

A Victim Witness Specialist can give you information and answer questions about how the court system works and what is happening with your case.  We can also talk to you about your feelings regarding the court process and its impact.  Some of the services available are:

* Crime Victim Compensation Program

* Restitution Program

* Victim Witness Center

* Information on the status of your case.

* Employer Intervention

* Referral to other services which may be of help to you.

* Transportation and lodging when subpoenaed

* Interpretation and special needs services

If all efforts to obtain your rights have failed, you may request assistance from the VRA Compliance Program.  For additional information call the Office of Victims’ Programs at the Division of Criminal Justice at (303) 239-4442.

*Please keep us updated with your current phone numbers and addresses so we are able to keep you informed about your case

Court Information

I have been subpoenaed:

If you are a victim or witness who has been subpoenaed to attend court by the District Attorney’s Office, we will keep you apprised of any changes to the court date you are subpoenaed for. Please make sure to sign and return the postage paid waiver attached to the subpoena.  Please contact our office with any new phone numbers or addresses to best reach you in the event of a change of date or time in your case. Click the link to check on the status of your subpoena for the hearing or trial

If you are a victim or witness who has been subpoenaed to attend court by the Defense Attorney, you will need to contact their office for further information.  Please do let the Victim Specialist know you have received a subpoena from the defense.

I wish to attend a court hearing but have not been subpoenaed:

Please contact the Victim Specialist assigned to the case so that we may provide support for you and answer any questions you might have about the hearing.

Court Diagram

Click here to explore the courtroom.

Overview of the Criminal Justice Process – Felony

*Please note: not all cases go through all steps of this process, please contact your Victim Witness Specialist for further information

Click here to download the flow chart

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are searching for additional resources please download our community resource directory.

Community Resource Directory



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