Judge – an appointed representative of the state charged with being fair and impartial in matters brought before the court.

Prosecution – deputy district attorneys prosecute criminal cases on behalf of the People of the State of Colorado in county and district courts.

Defense – attorney charged to represent the best interest of the defendant in criminal cases.

Jury Box – the section where elected jurors and alternate jurors are seated to hear evidence presented at a jury trial

Bar – dividing rail in a court of law separating the section reserved for the judge, prosecution, defense, and jury from the area occupied by the general public.

Bailiff – a court employee who assists the judge in maintaining order in the courthouse, and who is responsible for the custody of a jury.

Witness Stand – the chair where witnesses sit to testify to facts relating to the case before the judge.

Podium – the stand where attorneys address issues before the court and question witnesses regarding matters of fact.

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