The Eighteenth Judicial District Cold Case Unit (CCU) started in 2013 to assist law enforcement in an effort to bring justice to those for whom it has been denied so long.  Working together, the CCU and law enforcement solved many cold cases, some of which have resulted in subsequent prosecution and convictions.  In addition, the CCU is working through all our active cold case files as part of a systematic review to attempt to revive these cases by helping generate new leads.  Criminals who may have thought they had gotten away with their crime can find themselves facing charges due to the dogged determination of law enforcement and the CCU.

“To the living we owe respect, but to the dead we owe only the truth”  –Voltaire

Defendant:  James Fennell                                          Victim:  Juan Miranda-Hernandez

First-ever cold case trial results in life sentence for murder (Denver Post)


Defendant:  Sonny Torres                           

                2007 Cold Case Attempted Murder Nets 24 Years For Torres


Defendant:  J.D. Harrington                                        Victim:  Carolyn Jansen

JD Harrington Killed Carolyn Jansen, Left Body in Rubber Tub for Years, Jury Says


Defendants: Devon Grant-Washington                 Victim:  Youn Malual

                          Brandon Jackson

                          Amin Elhoweris

Gang Member Gets Life In Prison Plus 102 Years in Death of Sudanese Immigrant


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