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On July 15, the 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office proudly sponsored a ‘Second Chances’ warrant clearance event in Aurora at CentrePoint Plaza.

The program allowed anyone with certain types of warrants in Arapahoe County the opportunity to speak with a defense attorney and judge to resolve their case, pay a fine or restitution, or obtain a new court date.

The following types of warrants were eligible for cancellation (excluding domestic violence, assaults, sex offenses and cases falling under the Victims’ Rights Act):

-Probation violations

-Class 5 or 6 felonies

-Class 4 drug felony cases

-Misdemeanor cases

-Traffic offenses

During the 5-hour event, 100 people showed up and a total of 109 warrants were cancelled.

“The general public may not realize that missing one court date or failing to pay a fine can lead to a warrant for your arrest,” Senior Chief Deputy District Attorney Victoria Klingensmith said. “By allowing defendants with warrants for lower-level offenses to get a second chance to take care of their case, we can better focus our time and resources on prosecuting violent offenders who put the community’s safety at risk.”

Statistics from the event:

-49 people, some with multiple warrants, had their cases heard and resolved by 18th Judicial District Chief Judge Michelle Amico.

-36 people, some with multiple cases, were issued a new court date and had their warrant(s) cancelled.

-Collections had 5 cases paid in-full.

-The oldest warrant cleared was issued 18 years ago.

“I support events like this to help defendants with certain offenses get back on track,” District Attorney John Kellner said. “Our Second Chances events allow us to focus limited court and law enforcement resources on the most serious offenses, while saving taxpayers money and ensuring accountability for offenders.”

The event was made possible through various community partnerships including Aurora Public Schools, Arapahoe County Public Health, Arapahoe County Community Resources, Arapahoe County Human Services, AllHealth Network and Aurora Mental Health.

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