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Rigoberto Valles-Dominguez, 35, was found guilty this month for shooting a Littleton police officer.

Around 11:30 p.m. on September 20, 2021, officers responded to reports of shots being fired from a car window near West Powers Avenue and South Bannock Street. Upon arrival, officers located one of the suspects, later identified as Valles-Dominguez, walking away from the scene.

Before police could place Valles-Dominguez in custody, he took off running toward an apartment building. During the foot chase, the defendant pulled out a handgun and fired multiple rounds, striking Officer David Snook in the torso, arm and leg. Snook and Corporal Jeff Farmer both returned fire, Valles-Dominguez escaped.

The investigation revealed Valles-Dominguez hid for several hours in the complex before carjacking a motorist and leaving the scene. He was captured a few days later at an RV home in Brighton.

Earlier this year, Littleton Police Corporal Jeff Farmer was presented the Medal of Valor by President Joe Biden for helping save Snook during the shootout.

“Most people run away when shots are fired. These officers ran towards the sound of danger at great personal risk, to protect each other and our community. I’m grateful for their service and heroism,” District Attorney John Kellner said. “A lengthy prison sentence is appropriate and necessary to ensure the safety of our community.”

“The defendant’s actions showed no regard for human life,” Chief Deputy District Attorney Jason Siers said. “While Officer Snook suffered serious injuries, it’s a miracle no one was killed.”

A jury found Valles-Dominguez guilty of the following offenses:

-Attempted First-Degree Murder after Deliberation (2 counts)

-Attempted First-Degree Murder/Extreme Indifference (2 counts)

-Aggravated Robbery (2 counts)

-Prohibited Use of a Weapon

-Assault with a Deadly Weapon causing Serious Bodily Injury

-First-Degree Assault/Extreme Indifference

-First-Degree Assault on a Peace Officer (2 Counts)

-Violent Crime Sentence Enhancer (2 counts)

“This defendant did not care who he injured that night,” Senior Deputy District Attorney Colleen Greer said. “Despite being shot seven times, we’re grateful he was able to recover, testify, and witness this guilty verdict.”

On September 25, 2023, the defendant was sentenced to 128 years in prison.

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