In 1992, Colorado passed the Victims’ Rights Amendment to the constitution, making sure no one ever feels victimized for being a victim again.

As we work to seek justice, we never forget that it’s people who have been victimized. It’s people who need our help, if only to feel like someone is listening to what they need, how they feel, and who they are.

We cannot lose sight of the rights of victims, the responsibilities of our role as the defenders of justice, and the importance of empathy in our jobs. Including their right to be heard and be present at critical stages in the criminal justice process.

You have rights. If you feel like they have been violated, or you haven’t received your rights as enumerated by the amendment, please contact your victim witness specialist for help in resolving the issue.

If you would like additional  information  about the court process and victim rights, please click learn more above.

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