Restorative Justice is the process of building, maintaining, and repairing harm within relationships and communities. Repair occurs through acceptance of responsibility by the person who caused the harm, along with action steps taken by the responsible party. These action steps are determined with input from everyone who wants to participate. The purpose of the action steps is to repair the harm and make things as right as possible for the victim(s). It is not just an apology; it is a learning, growing, and healing process for everyone involved.

The Diversion Counseling Program (DCP) is victim-inclusive. Victims may choose to participate in-person, by requesting written communication, or through their victim case coordinator. Victims have the option to complete a Victim Experience Form which may be shared in the process. Clients in DCP are required to complete a restorative justice practice even when victims opt-out of the process.

Listed below are articles and videos discussing restorative justice practices.

Introduction to Restorative Justice Circles (short article)

A Victim’s Guide to Restorative Justice (short video)

Restorative Justice Journeys (short video)

Rethinking the Impact of Traditional Justice: Natalie DeFreitas at TEDxVancouver (16 min video)

If you need additional assistance, please call DCP at 720-874-8680.

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