Select the payment type listed below and you will be redirected to the appropriate payments page.

Payment Fees: A convenience fee of $1 will be charged for payments made using an electronic check regardless of the transaction amount. The convenience fee for credit cards are as follows: the amount of the (payment + $.75 x 2.25%) + $.75 (example for a payment of $10.00): ($10 + $.75) x 2.25% = $10.75 x 2.25% = $.24 + $.75=$.99. Your card would be charged $10.99 for the transaction

*** If you have questions about what you should be making a payment towards, please contact your assigned counselor or case manager. ***

Administrative Fees: CLICK HERE TO PAY

Administrative Fee is your one-time fee to participate in the Diversion Counseling Program.

  • Juvenile Admin Fee $150
  • Adult Admin Fee $300

Restitution Payments: CLICK HERE TO PAY

Restitution is your payment to a victim for injury or loss. 

Please consult your paperwork to determine whether you should be making a restitution payment.

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