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Following a 3-day trial, an Arapahoe County jury found Juan Pablo Pascual-Licea, 32, guilty on all charges related to a deadly collision back in 2022.

On April 8, 2022, a mother, father, and their two children were driving home from celebrating their daughter’s birthday when their SUV was hit by a vehicle traveling the wrong direction on S. Chambers near E. 6th Avenue.

The investigation revealed Pascual-Licea was driving more than 80 mph in the wrong direction on Chambers when the collision happened. A 10-year-old boy and his father suffered serious injuries, but ultimately survived. The mother and her 6-year-old daughter were pronounced dead at the hospital.

Prior to the deadly crash, officers with the Aurora Police Department discovered Pascual-Licea hit a bicyclist and then almost hit a group of teenagers in a crosswalk.

The jury deliberated for less than two hours before returning guilty verdicts for the following offenses:

Vehicular Homicide – DUI (2 counts)

Vehicular Assault – DUI (2 counts)

Child Abuse-Knowingly/Recklessly causing Serious Bodily Injury (SBI)

Child Abuse- Knowingly/Recklessly causing Death

“In the blink of an eye, a family is torn apart by the selfish actions of someone who chose to drive drunk and endanger multiple lives,” Senior Deputy DA Meghan Gallo said. “As a mother, I cannot imagine the heartbreak, grief, and devastation this family has suffered. It was a privilege to prosecute this case and bring justice to this family.”

Nearly an hour after the crash, Pascual-Licea’s blood alcohol content (BAC) was .181, more than twice the legal limit.

“There is no excuse or justification for the defendant’s egregious actions that night,” Senior Deputy DA Doug Bechtel said. “A father woke up several days later in a hospital bed, only to learn his wife and daughter were dead, and his son would have to learn how to walk again. Their lives are forever changed based on the defendant’s inexcusable behavior to drive drunk.”

Sentencing will take place in 2024.

“This was a heart-wrenching case and I’m proud of my team’s hard work to find justice for this family,” District Attorney John Kellner said. “This defendant senselessly killed a sweet little girl coming home from her birthday party and her mother. A long prison sentence is warranted to send a message that we won’t tolerate impaired drivers on our roads.”

UPDATE (April 2024): 

On April 3, 2024, Pascual-Licea was sentenced to 52 years in prison.

“This lengthy prison sentence should serve as a warning that my team will work tirelessly to ensure impaired drivers are held fully accountable for their actions,” District Attorney John Kellner said. “In the blink of an eye, a father lost his wife and daughter and a boy lost his younger sister to a man who selfishly chose to drive drunk and put countless lives in danger. I hope this sentence brings some closure to this family in knowing this defendant will not be driving on our roads anytime soon.”

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