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On August 31, a jury found Kyree Brown, 20, guilty of killing Joe and Jossline Roland after the couple responded to an online ad to purchase a car.

The investigation revealed Brown used a fake name to advertise a stolen vehicle for sale on an app called Letgo. On August 14, 2020, Joe Roland replied to the listing and agreed to meet to purchase the car.

Brown drove the stolen vehicle to Southlands Mall to meet with the Rolands. When Joe Roland noticed issues with the vehicle title, Brown pulled out a gun and demanded the couple hand over the cash they brought to purchase the car. Brown then proceeded to shoot five times, killing both Joe and Jossline Roland.

“This defendant assumed a fake identity to lure this innocent couple into his snare, pretending to be someone he wasn’t and to sell a car he didn’t own,” Chief Deputy District Attorney Garrik Storgaard said. “He callously ended two innocent lives for a few thousand dollars and his selfish actions created an unjustifiable risk to the community and displayed no regard for the value of human life.”

Brown made off with approximately $3,000, fled the scene and dumped the stolen car near the area of Havana Street and East Colfax Avenue where he set it on fire.

Investigators were able to solve this case by pulling computer records showing Brown’s email address was used to list the stolen vehicle online.

The Rolands leave behind five children, all under the age of 19.

A jury convicted Brown on the following counts:

  • Second-Degree Murder (2 counts)
  • First-Degree Murder-Felony Murder (2 counts)
  • Aggravated Robbery (2 counts)
  • Second-Degree Arson
  • Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft (3 counts)
  • Felony Theft
  • Bait Advertising

Brown will be sentenced on Nov. 21

“This cowardly act of violence leaves five children without their parents,” District Attorney John Kellner said. “I think about the back-to-school nights without their parents. The bedtime stories never read. Words just can’t describe what this killer took away. He deserves to spend the rest of his life behind bars.”

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