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Eighteenth Judicial District Attorney John Kellner is pleased to announce that his jurisdiction is the first in Colorado to unveil an online interactive Data Dashboard. Being open and transparent is one of DA Kellner’s CORE values, and this tool will make more information available to the public about his office and its work on an ongoing basis.

District Attorney John Kellner

District Attorney John Kellner

“I pledged during my campaign to be open and transparent, and this tool is one step in fulfilling that promise,” Kellner said. “We are public servants, and the public has a right to meaningful information about what we do. These interactive Data Dashboards provide more information about our operations to the public. I believe this increased access to information will shed more light on the criminal justice process for my constituents.”

This first phase of this transparency initiative includes five Data Dashboards:
• Dashboard 1 includes general information on the number of cases filed, cases resolved, the number of days to resolution, and the average number of court appearances before resolution. Like all of the dashboards, it can be sorted by type of case and county.
• Dashboard 2 digs into the cases themselves, including a list of all cases filed in the last 30 days.
• Dashboard 3 presents information about how cases are resolved.
• Dashboard 4 provides details about sentences in those cases with a guilty verdict or plea agreement. The vast majority of sentences are focused on treatment and rehabilitation.
• Dashboard 5 includes limited demographic information about defendants with a guilty plea or verdict, along with the sentence imposed.

All of the Data Dashboards are available on our website: Some of the features present best on a computer rather a mobile device. The data is updated daily.

“It is my intent to expand and refine the Data Dashboards to include more information as we find ways to reliably provide it while respecting privacy rights of defendants and victims and maintaining the integrity of our cases,” Kellner said. “I am incredibly proud of the work we do in my office, and I am committed to finding ways to highlight it. I am happy to lead the way in making this data available to citizens.”

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