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Eighteenth Judicial District Attorney John Kellner is pleased to announce that he has added a Director of Community Engagement to his staff to further his goal of proactively expanding his office’s involvement with the communities it serves.

“This new position will focus on engaging our communities to begin a dialogue about issues in criminal justice. This isn’t something that should happen because of a crisis of the moment, but this will be an ongoing conversation to learn from the citizens we serve,” Kellner said. “We need to understand the challenges our different communities face and aggressively target the crime that has the most dramatic impact on the safety of our friends and neighbors.”

Aurora Ogg

Aurora Ogg joined the DA’s Office this month.

“Aurora has an extensive history working with diverse groups and has coordinated various community advisory committees over the years,” Kellner said of Ogg. “Engaging the community outside the courtroom is a huge priority for me, and she is a critical team member to help implement that.”

Most recently Ogg worked for the City of Aurora as Mayor Mike Coffman’s assistant. She graduated from Arvada High School and Metro State University. She has a master’s degree in business management and now calls Arapahoe County home.

“Reaching out to the million-plus diverse people in this jurisdiction presents a challenge I am eager to embrace,” Ogg said. “I look forward to listening to and meeting with our constituents and finding ways to foster collaboration. This is an incredible opportunity to make connections in a new way, and I am happy to get to work.”

Contact Aurora Ogg at [email protected] or (720) 874-8485.

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