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An Aurora man received a sentence of 12 years to life in prison for raping two Aurora girls in 2018.

Ble Kore

Ble Kore

Arapahoe District Court Judge Andrew Baum sentenced Ble Ghislain Kore, 25, after a jury convicted him Dec. 10, 2019. He was found guilty of sexual assault – use of force (Class 3 felony) and sexual assault – overcoming a victim’s will (Class 4 felony). On Feb. 27 Baum imposed a sentence of 12 years to life on the Class 3, and 6 years to life on the Class 4, to be served concurrently.

“Kore is the Webster’s definition of ‘predator.’ He went to a school looking for innocent victims to satisfy his sexual urges. He plucked one girl, then another, off the street. And he raped both of them. Same day,” said District Attorney George Brauchler. “No sentence would have been too long for what he did. I am impressed with the courageous victims here. Without them, we may not have been able to hold this repeat rapist accountable.”

On Sept. 13, 2018, the defendant approached a juvenile walking home from Overland High School. He approached the victim saying to get into his car, as he knew who she was and that he had someone watching her mother. Concerned for her mom, she got in the car and he drove to the guest parking lot of her apartment complex where he raped her. She was scared because he knew where she lived.

Later that afternoon, the defendant drove up to another juvenile walking in the parking lot at Overland High School and asked for her phone number. When she tried to walk away, he demanded she get in his car. He drove her to another parking lot near the school and raped her.

The two victims did not know the defendant or each other.

The Aurora Police Department investigated the incidents and connected them due to the similar descriptions of the car and defendant. In addition, the DNA of the defendant was found on both juveniles.

“This defendant is the monster of every parent’s nightmares,” said Senior Deputy District Attorney Danielle Jaramillo, who prosecuted the case with Senior Deputy District Attorney Jake Adkins. “He specifically targeted children.”

Jaramillo asked for maximum sentences served consecutively, making the prison time 18 years to life.

“Both of these girls are survivors – they are brave and courageous,” she said in her sentencing argument. “Trial is a horrible thing for them to go through, and these girls deserve justice.”

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