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An Arapahoe County jury has found an Uber driver guilty of unlawful sexual contact for assaulting a female passenger in his car.

The jury deliberated about an hour May 2 before finding Bashir Alsayed Hassan, 64, guilty of the Class 1 misdemeanor. Sentencing is set for June 28.

“Here, a predator used his position as a driver providing an important service, relied upon by many in our community, to try to satisfy his sexual urges. The jury agreed that we will not tolerate this outrageous and criminal behavior,” said District Attorney George Brauchler. “I commend the courageous victim for contacting law enforcement and remaining invested in this challenging legal process to ensure this defendant could not continue with his abhorrent behavior.”

On Nov. 16, 2017, Hassan picked up a 29-year-old woman who called for an Uber ride home. After picking her up and stopping for fast food, Hassan stopped the car and asked her to move to the back seat so he could pick up other passengers. As the woman was maneuvering between the front seats to the back, Hassan fondled her breasts, groped her buttocks and put his fingers inside her vagina. The victim repeatedly told him no and tried to kick him off, but he did not relent. Hassan then ejaculated onto the woman.

Hassan took the victim to her home, where she called law enforcement.

The presumptive sentencing range is 6-24 months in jail; the defendant is probation-eligible.

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