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A jury in Elbert County has found a 40-year-old convicted sex offender guilty of sexually assaulting four children, one over a period of years.

Shane Aaron Guthrie was found guilty of all counts, including sex assault on a child pattern of abuse.

The first allegation came to light in early 2017 when a Human Services case worker contacted the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office. The ensuing investigation led to four charged victims, with the earliest offense in summer of 2011.

“The sacrifice of four children’s innocence at the hands of a sexual deviant cries out for vigorous prosecution and lengthy incarceration. And that is exactly what this miscreant is getting. This is why we build prisons.,” said District Attorney George Brauchler. “We must all be vigilant and look after the youngest and most vulnerable in our community.”

He added: “Never hesitate to report suspicions to law enforcement. The professionals will investigate, and if there is a crime, we will prosecute the offenders and see to it that no more children can be harmed.”

Deputy District Attorney Michael Mauro prosecuted the case with Senior Deputy District Attorney Cori Alcock.

“Children are among the most defenseless victims of crime because, as in this case, they often trust and even love the perpetrator. At the time abuse occurs, they often do not fully understand the wrongfulness of what is being done to them,” Mauro said. “This defendant betrayed the trust and innocence of these kids, using them as objects of his own sick desires. The jury’s verdict rightly acknowledges the ugly truth that this type of crime can and does occur in our community and must never be tolerated or go unpunished.”

Sentencing is set for Jan. 29.

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