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A former Airman stationed at Buckley Air Force base has been sentenced to four years in prison for accidentally shooting and killing his wife.

Brian Lebron-Rivera

Brian Lebron-Rivera

Arapahoe District Judge Phillip Douglass sentenced Brian Lebron-Rivera, 23, to four years in the Department of Corrections followed by three years of parole for the death of Genesis Rodriquez, 20. Lebron-Rivera had pleaded guilty to reckless manslaughter, a Class 4 felony, on Feb. 23.

“There is no indication this death was the result of anything other than a terrible and reckless accident. Anyone trained in using firearms knows you don’t point a gun at anyone,” Douglass told Lebron-Rivera. “It’s a huge responsibility to bear arms. … It’s important that when that right is abused, we address it.”

On Aug. 25, 2016, Lebron-Rivera called Arapahoe County Sheriff’s dispatchers to the Bristol Village Apartments at 17103 E Ohio Place. He said he had shot his wife and she was dead.

Arriving deputies found Rodriquez on the floor of the apartment with a gunshot wound to the head.

She was shot once, near her eye. She was pronounced dead at Medical Center of Aurora.

Lebron-Rivera told investigators he had been training his wife how to react if someone had a weapon. He was member of the security forces unit stationed at Buckley.

“He pointed a gun at his wife and pulled the trigger. This is a person trained in the use of firearms,” Senior Deputy District Attorney Gary Dawson said during sentencing. “This could have been prevented entirely simply by not pointing a gun at someone.”

District Attorney George Brauchler agreed it was a tragic case that called for incarceration.

“Being reckless with a football or baseball leads to a bruise or broken window. Being reckless with a gun leads to death and here, incarceration,” he said. “Whatever training the military provided was lost or ignored. On purpose or accident, guns kill. They are not toys.”

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