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Recovery Diversion Eligibility Criteria

   All Defendants charged with possession of an illegal substance or drug paraphernalia only, or where possession of an illegal drug is the top count; AND
   Who have no felony convictions in the last 5 years; AND
   Who have no or limited misdemeanor and traffic convictions in the last 2 years; AND
   Who have no other pending felony cases; AND
   Who have no other or limited pending misdemeanor and traffic cases; AND
   Who are not currently under any supervision;
   Will be offered the opportunity to have their case diverted and dismissed.
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Eligible Defendants will be directed to contact a community partner treatment provider to complete a screen, brief intervention, and if indicated by the screen, be conneccted to treatment. They must attend between 3 to 6 treatment appointments at the level indicated by the treatment provider.

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If Defendants complete the Diversion process the community partner will notify the DA’s office and verify the requirements have been met, and provide limited data. Upon receipt of this information from the community treatment provider the case will be dismissed by the DA’s office.

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If the Defendant chooses not to participate in the diversion process, or fails to complete the process, the case will continue in court. Defendants must attend all court dates while pursuing the diversion option.

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Measurements of Program Success

1.  Program Completion – How many people chose to engage with the diversion program? How many successfully completed the program requirements?

2.  Recidivism yearly for 3 years after completing the program – Was the participant charged with a new criminal act after completing the program? Was the new offense drug related?

3.  Connection to Care – Did the participant remain in treatment after the criminal case dismissal?

4.  Length of Stay – How long did the participant engage in treatment?



Contact information for the community treatment provider can be found on your referral letter.
If you have further questions please email us at [email protected]

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